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Play Star Trek Fleet Command on PC for better performances and graphics. Discover our guide to install it on a free Android emulator Schau Dir Angebote von Star Trek Generations auf eBay an. Kauf Bunter For other uses, see Phoenix. The Phoenix-class was a type of Federation advanced escort starship in Starfleet service in the early 25th century, a subclass of the Prometheus design. These vessels were usually commanded by an officer holding the rank of one-star rear admiral or higher. An enhanced version, the fleet advanced escort, was available for vice admirals. (STO mission: Welcome to. STARSHIP CLASS Phoenix-class Affiliation: Romulan Imperial Fleet Specifications Armaments: Rift-maker The Phoenix-class vessel was a doomsday weapon that was employed by the Romulan Star Empire that was operational in the 24th century. Whether the empire still produces such vessels is unknown. Contents[show] Technical specifications These vessels were created in specialist shipyards in the.

Die USS Phoenix (NCC-65420) ist ein Raumschiff der Sternenflotte der Föderation, das 2367 unter dem Kommando von Captain Benjamin Maxwell steht. Sie gehört der Nebula-Klasse an. Sie wird 2363 offiziell in Dienst gestellt. 2367 bricht sie jeglichen Kontakt zur Sternenflotte ab und beginnt dami The reference book Star Fleet Technical Manual by Franz Joseph featured a listing of an earlier Hermes-class Phoenix with the registry NCC-625 (it was of the Cygnus sub-class). The ship was a MK-VIIB courier authorized for appropriation on stardate 5099. Although The Wounded was written and produced several years before Star Trek: First Contact, the Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 2, p. Phoenix, U.S.S. In 2367, this Nebula-class starship, under Captain Benjamin Maxwell's command, went on a rampage against the Cardassians . Maxwell suspected Cardassians of rearming, despite a recent peace treaty — until he stood down after the Enterprise-D sent his former officer, Chief O'Brien , to reason with him 1 Beschreibung 2 Preisgutscheine 2.1 Episch 2.2 Extrem Selten 2.3 sehr selten 2.4 Selten 2.5 Ungewöhnlich 3 Seltenheit: Preispakete und Gegenstände 4 Beschaffung 5 Verfügbarkeit 6 Ankündigungen zum Ereignis Öffnen Sie dieses Paket für die Chance auf exklusive Gegenstände, die nicht länger im Spie

Dialogue in Star Trek: First Contact and subsequent episodes, however, leave room for the unmanned prototype test of warp drive, prior to the launch of the Phoenix, as described in Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual. If such a test took place, it would have also been in 2063, as this was the year Dr. Cochrane tested his first warp engine. Cochrane described the launch as his. Die Nebula-Klasse kommt in den Computerspielen Star Trek: Armada, Star Trek: Armada II, Star Trek: Starfleet Command III, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Dominion Wars, Star Trek: Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Legacy und Star Trek Online vor. Im Roman Offenbarung, Buch 1 taucht ein Schiff der Nebula-Klasse mit dem Namen USS Aldebaran auf

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Phoenix Class Fighter Spec Sheet. By calamitySi Watch. 183 Favourites. 18 Comments. 14K Views. attack fighter peregrine star startrek trek valkyrie phoenix. This is the Phoenix Class of attack fighter that is stationed on the USS Valkyrie. Each is equipped with Phasers and torpedoes. I made this by essentially kitbashing parts of the Gryphon Fighter (orginally made by Simobazza) and the. Warp Drive Prototype: Phoenix: Star Fleet Spacedock - Ournal Class: Starfleet Interceptor Prowler Class Starship NCC-23018: Starfleet Starfleet Warp Sled - Tai/Atai Class: Starfleet Scout Vanguard Class Starship NCC-24002 : Starfleet Heavy Frigate Vindicator Class NCC-1859: Klingon K'Oloth Class Battle Cruiser: Klingon K'T'inga Class Battle Cruiser: Klingon K'Vort Class Frigate: Klingon Vor.

A Nebula-class ship in Star Trek: Legacy. A cross section and overview of the ship is given in issue 154 of Star Trek: Communicator, particularly focusing on the USS Nebula (NCC-60147). The cross section shows that the ship is capable of saucer separation, has eight type-X phaser arrays and three photon torpedo launchers, and a mass of 3,309,000 metric tonnes The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-G) was a Phoenix-class Federation starship, commanded by Captain Neil Cross. (Star Trek: Renaissance) Captain Neil Cross (CO - commanding officer) Commander Talora (XO - first officer) Doctor Elris Lea (CMO - chief medical officer) Lieutenant Erik Grey (chief.. Phoenix was 20 meters long, with a 15 meter-long secondary stage that was jettisoned after launch. Its beam was 3.1 meters and draft was 3.2 meters. Its cruising velocity was warp 0.3 with a maximum velocity of warp 1.2. (Star Trek Magazine Issue 162: Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology) Legacy [edit | edit source

For the mirror universe counterpart, see ISS Phoenix-X. For past Phoenix ships in this line, see USS Phoenix (NCC-65420) starships. The USS Phoenix (NCC-65420-X) (or Phoenix-X) was a Prometheus-class starship in the late 24th and early 25th century. It was the twenty-fifth starship to bear the name Phoenix after a freak two-year transwarp-testing phase in which its predecessors were destroyed. For other uses, see Phoenix. The USS Phoenix (NCC-65420) was a Federation starship, a Nebula-class explorer in Starfleet service during the 24th century. 1 History 2 Known personnel 3 Appendices 3.1 References 3.2 Connections 3.3 External link The Phoenix was built at the 40 Eridani A Starfleet Construction Yards and launched on stardate 40250.5 (2363). (TNG episode: The Wounded) In 2367. Star Trek: Phoenix is a Star Trek fan-created anthology series produced and filmed by Temporal Studios. The series was created by Leo Roberts and later developed by Leo Roberts, Jön Johnson and Star Trek author, Jeff Ayers. The story is set 42 years after Star Trek: Nemesis in the prime universe created by Gene Roddenberry and follows the crew of the Federation's first political flagship, the. Eine Übersicht über der nicht-spielbaren Raumschiffe in Star Trek Online finden Sie im Artikel Nicht-spielbare Raumschiffe.. Spielbare Raumschiffe in Star Trek Online gehören ebenso zum Avatar eines Spielers wie sein Captain.. Spieler erhalten Schiffe von der Sternenflotte, der Klingonischen Verteidigungsstreitmacht oder der Romulanischen Republik, wenn sie im Rang aufsteigen

For the 23rd-century class of Federation dreadnoughts, see Ascension class (dreadnought). The Ascension class was a Federation Starfleet starship class in service during the early 25th century. It had a crew capacity of 10,000 beings and was built with a mix of Federation and Romulan technology. There was at least one ship of this class extant in 2422, USS Phoenix. (Star Trek: Phoenix Star Trek: Renaissance Technical Manual, Section 7. Written by Chris Edmonds and Dan Carlson. Images by Robert Crosswell and Chris Edmonds . Section 7.0: Conclusion 7.1: Rapid Reaction Force. The Phoenix-class starship will become the centerpiece of Starfleet's new Rapid Reaction Force, a specialized task force designated to respond to potential crises with hostile entities in short time. The Phoenix class is a Federation Heavy Command Cruiser. Information Basic Information Faction Federation Hull Classification Battlecruiser Classification Symbol F-CCH Fleet Role Heavy Command Cruiser Standard Defenses Hull Strength 3750 Armor Rating 12 Shield Strength 3700 Antimatter 322... Phoenix class - Official Star Trek Armada 3 Wiki. Gamepedia. Help . Sign In. Register. As part of the. Directed by Sam Akina, Gale Benning, Leo Roberts. With Ben Andrews, Ben Johnson, James Lyle, Roy Stanton. Temporal Studios brings to life the newest Trek craze - Star Trek: Phoenix. The Pilot, 'Cloak & Dagger' brings back the classic adventure from Gene Roddenberry's 'Star Trek' as it takes place 42 years into the future following the 2002 feature film 'Star Trek: Nemesis The Phoenix was originally a limited-edition item available to players who participated in the First Contact Day event that ran from April 5th 2012 through April 9th 2012 and from April 5th 2013 through April 11th 2013. External link . Phoenix at Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki

STAR TREK Official Starships Magazine #112 USS Phoenix NCC-65420 Model Eaglemoss Collections inkl. Magazin (englisch Version) | OVPIhr bietet auf ein noch verpacktes Model der Sternenflotte USS Phoenix NCC-65420 aus dem Star Trek Serie !. Das eigentlich Highlight ist aber das zum Magazin gehörende Modell der Sternenflotte U.S.S. Enterprise (Details siehe unten) There is a wide variety of Federation playable starships currently available in Star Trek Online for Starfleet, DSC Starfleet and TOS Starfleet characters. Most Federation ships are also available to Starfleet-aligned Romulan Republic and Dominion characters.. There are three specific types of starship (if carriers are attributed to one of the pre-existing types), and each starship has.

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USS PHOENIX FEDERATION NEBULA CLASS . STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION Modell aus Metall (Die-Cast) und Kunststoff-Plastik mit englisch sprachigem Magazin inklusive Display Ständer Grundplatte (Base) aus Metall Verbindungsstück aus transparenten Acryl Modell wird im Ständer eingehangen - Kein Ständerloch im Modell ! Zu diesem Produkt empfehlen wir. SHUTTLE SPECIAL SET 1 (EAGLEMOSS STAR TREK.

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